Premier League Active Summer Challenge

Are your pupils ready to take on the #PLPrimaryStars Active Summer Challenge? Download the FREE challenge resources & submit your entries by 22 July for the chance to win exclusive Premier League prizes & opportunities

In this challenge, pupils will be asked to identify five ways that they can be active over the summer and record it in their ‘Premier League Active Summer Challenge plan’ – a template that will be submitted as part of their entry. Teachers can upload pupils’ plans via an online form on the Premier League Primary Stars website, with entries closing on 22 July. This challenge is suitable for both Key Stages 1 and 2.

A resource pack has been produced to help CCOs and teachers in running this challenge, including the planning template needed for submission and a class presentation. The presentation covers Premier League Primary Stars highlights from the last five years, the programme Values, the importance of being active and concludes by setting the challenge and giving pupils some examples.

By entering this challenge, schools will be in with the chance to win some amazing prizes and opportunities, including a school visit from the Premier League Trophy, a Premier League football, and the opportunity to feature online in the Premier League Primary Stars gallery.

Benefits for teachers

  • This challenge is simple and easy to implement, suitable for all primary ages and easily adaptable.
  • The challenge can be done within school or as a home learning task.
  • This challenge promotes physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle,contributing to pupils’ understanding of physical and mental health.
  • It is a pupil led-task, encouraging independent, creative thinking, but also givespupils opportunities to share their work and encourage one another.
  • It’s free to take part in this challenge as a Premier League Primary Starsregistrant. It is also free for teachers to register to the programme if they are not already.