Shot-Stopper shares diet secrets to Primary Pupils | World Health Day

Mansfield Town Goalkeeper Aidan Stone has given Primary Schools pupils an insight into how maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet can impact on performance and learning, as Mansfield Town Football in the Community celebrate World Health Day.

Speaking via Zoom to year five and six pupils from Wynndale Primary School, the 21-Year-Old gave pupils an idea of what foods help him to perform, recover from injury, gain strength and more.

The discussion was part of an hour-long workshop, led by Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer, education children on food groups and healthy eating.

“Over the course of the weekend within the classroom, the children had started learning about the impact of a good diet in relation to their physical and mental health – our workshop was the conclusion of that, the children took a lot of knowledge away from it.

“Having Aidan [Stone] join us virtually was a fantastic addition to the workshop, for the children to be able to hear first-hand how a professional footballer adapts their diet was brilliant for them, they were able to understand why certain foods are eaten at certain times and how certain food groups effect the body in a different way”  

During the discussion, children were given the opportunity to pose questions to the Stags custodian, Jordan added “I was really surprised by some of the questions Aidan faced, the children were really proactive and inquisitive – likewise, the answers he gave were really insightful and a lot of the children left feeling inspired to take more care with their diet”