The Joy of Moving Programme launches a virtual ‘Winter Games’

Following a successful virtual Joy of Moving Home School Festival in the summer of 2020 where over 250,000 children got involved, Mansfield Town Football in the Community is partnering with the EFL Trust and Ferrero to launch a new virtual ‘Winter Games’ pack which will help inspire children to get moving in the toughest months for activity levels.

Research shows that children’s activity levels drop significantly in the winter months compared to the summer months (68 mins in summer vs 48 mins per day in winter)[1]. To help inspire families to get active at home during the winter months, the Joy of Moving ‘Winter Games’ will take families on a Winter Adventure, with an exciting selection of games and activities that they can play at home.

The games, which have been developed in line with the Joy of Moving methodology, are suitable for all abilities and help to encourage children to get moving through play.

Throughout February, the Joy of Moving virtual ‘Winter Games’ will be shared with families and teachers across the country with the help of over 70 EFL Trust Club Community Organisations.

As schools remain closed for many children, the ‘Winter Games’ supports families at a crucial time when it is even more important for children to stay active and to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of activity each day.

Mark Hemingray, head of CCO said “We’re delighted to be taking part in the Winter Games and doing our part to help parents who are having to home school once again.

“The first time around parents perhaps found it easier to keep kids active with the weather, however this time around it can be hard to get motivated to be active – the activities within Winter Games are really helpful, simple to follow and should go a long way to keeping children active”

The Joy of Moving programme is an unbranded CSR project by Ferrero. Together with the EFL Trust, the Joy of Moving programme has been supporting children to get active across EFL Communities for over seven years. The Joy of Moving programme is based on methodology which is designed to inspire children to move through play, and in doing so, build up their physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and creativity and life skills – helping to develop positive habits for adulthood.

In the UK, the programme consists of two in-school elements – the Move & Learn programme and the Joy of Moving Festivals, which have been developed in conjunction with EFL Trust. While these are on pause in line with temporary school closures, we are supporting the communities with access to free, online digital materials via our resource hub.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #JOMWinterGames on social media for further updates and ways to get involved, and for more fun games to play, visit the online Resource Hub.


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