Stags Duo Praise Impact of Play within Premier League Primary Stars

Mansfield Town youngsters Aidan Stone and James Clarke have praised the impact Premier League Primary Stars has on youngsters wellbeing, after visiting year five and six pupils at West Park Academy in Kirkby yesterday.

To coincide with Children’s Mental Health week and Schools Football Week, the duo paid a visit to pupils to see first-hand what impact Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s delivery of Premier League Primary Stars can have on youngsters wellbeing, by getting out of the classroom and enjoying the freedom of participating in sporting activities.

19-Year-Old Clarke said “It gives them a bit of a boost, when I was in School I wish I did have something like this [PL Primary Stars] as it would have meant a lot. Sitting in School and doing Maths & English etc is something you have to do but it’s not the most exciting thing so getting out on the AstroTurf or whatever and doing whatever kind of activity in sport really helps and is really good for the kids”

Defender Clarke and Goalkeeper Stone took the time to sign autographs for the youngsters and get involved with the session, led by PL Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer – designed to improve coordination, communication, and encourage movement with the ball and tactical thinking – something which impressed shot-stopper Stone.

“The session was really enjoyable, there’s lots of learning involved but they don’t perhaps realise because it’s through playing different games. Having that freedom to go and enjoy sport is great, when I was growing up sport made me forget about things that were going on either at home or in the classroom so I think it’s good for them to get out and do all these different activities” Said Stone.

PL Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer added “Many thanks to James and Aidan for attending today, the kids really took to them encouraging everyone which certainly had a positive knock on effect. They’ll have gone home and told mum or dad about the Stags players coming in which might make them want to come to a game or come to a holiday course etc which is huge for their development.

“We’ve been at West Park for five week’s with this current group and they’ve come on leaps and bounds so it was really great to be able to invite the players across to the session to reward them, hopefully the visit will keep the children focussed and continue to develop.”