Snow Dome – Week 4 Trip

Snow Dome, Tamworth

Our week 4 trip saw us visit the Snow Dome for swimming and ice skating activities.

The children enjoyed splashing around in the pool with fun on the inflatable obstacle course and water slides.

Both the staff and children experienced a 2 hour splash fest bonanza.

After lunch we swapped our swim suits for ice skates as we attempted to glide gracefully over the ice.

For many of the children this was their first experience of ice skating. After a few scrapes and falls they soon got the hang of it. Some children had the assistance of polar bears and penguins.

McKenzie, 10 said ” I enjoyed Ice Skating, it was fun as I hardly ever do ice skating. This was only my 2nd time in my life ”

Tom, 11 said ” Ice skating was really good. I enjoyed the swimming with the inflatable obstacle course “