Premier League Primary Stars: The Parkgate Academy

Mansfield Town Football in the Community are delighted to see the positive impact we have in schools during our Premier League Primary Stars delivery. We spoke to Parkgate Academy’s PE Specialist James Barber on the impact of our work. He praised the delivery, bringing up noticeable behaviour changes in his students. He also brought up that more teaching staff are more eager to get involved with PE after learning from our expert coaches. At Parkgate, we deliver PE delivery over two groups and then run an after school club, delivering football sessions such a skill games and matches.

During our visit, teaching assistant Dianna Snowden also shared a few words after a Stag player visit from James Gale and Jimmy Knowles. The Stags duo led a question and answers session to the participants, interacting with the pupils. Activities like these really encourage interaction between the community and the club and you could really see the benefits these visits bring, as there was great energy before and after the visit, leading to a brilliant PE delivery session.