Premier League Primary Stars – Farmilo

Farmilo School pupils are enjoying one of our collapsed curriculum days here at One Call Stadium.
The day started off with a behind the scenes look at our stadium. The pupils got see the dressing rooms, tunnel area, pitchside and even the dugouts.
As an added bonus the pupils met recent signing Adam King. He answered some of the children’s questions and said ” I am looking forward to my time here at Mansfield”

For the remainder of the day the pupils will be doing literacy based activities up to lunch and afterwards finish off with some football matches on our 3g.

Farmilo School pupils continue their day with some literacy based activities. The pupils will be attending our game on 3 Feb as part of this delivery. Some of the children’s work will appear in one of our future match day programmes.
Pictured are a couple of pupils with Assistant Community Manager Jordan Ferrer and Austin Tysall who is one of our apprentices.

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