Premier League Primary Stars continues to grow, as FITC head to visit more new pupils this term

Youngsters across the region may not be happy about heading back to school this week, but Mansfield Town Football in the Community coaches can’t wait – as the delivery of its Premier League Primary Stars project continues, by visiting new pupils and new schools.

So far this Spring Term, Football in the Community coaches have visited 413 pupils and alongside our regular lunch-time clubs at Wynndale Primary, Abbey Primary and West Park Academy respectively – will visit a number of classes from four new schools between now and the Easter Break.

The pupils will work with Football in the Community Coaches on their PE lessons, and get support with English and Maths interventions – with the Football in the Community team also providing PSHE sessions and teacher development support.

During this academic year, the English and Maths interventions have had a really positive effect on pupils, Jordan Ferrer – Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator Said “Having a targeted group really allows us as staff to home in on what they’re struggling with or finding it difficult to progress with and gives a better understand to why they don’t like reading, writing or maths.

“Primary Stars’ resources are designed around those problems and work in a different, more one to one way, giving pupils a focus and helping them to progress.

“For example at Wainwright Primary Academy before half-term I’ve been working with a group of six to eight youngsters over six weeks, working on reading stars – going from skimming and scanning text which helps them understand more about books and make better choices, to things such as hot seat heroes – helping them to understand emotion within text and interviews”

Premier League Primary Stars Lead Coach Mark Lynk added “Pupils have responded really well to our PE Sessions over the last block of work which has given them the confidence to make new friends and with some of them, push themselves a little more to attend our match day and holiday activities.

“Teachers have noted a real change in their behaviour patterns within lessons – we tend to find quite often that because the games are a little different the pupils find a new focus and really develop with their communication skills and tactical thinking”

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