Premier League Launch Five-A-Side Family Reading Challenge

Mansfield Town Football in the Community are proud to be supporting the Premier League’s latest Family Challenge – The Five-A-Side reading challenge.

As a family, we want you to choose the perfect book to read together in your household. You could choose a story book, a matchday programme, a magazine, or a poetry book – anything you like!

You can take it in turns to read a page or chapter each out loud, or you could nominate a family storyteller. To pick the right book for you, make sure to use the five-finger rule from the Premier League’s Five-a-side Reading Challenge pack:

Open a book to any page and read it. Hold a finger up for every word you do not know.

0-1 words= Too easy

2-3 words = Just right

4 words = Give it a try!

5 words = Too hard

Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer said “This is an excellent challenge from the Premier League and we encourage everyone to get involved over the next two weeks.

“During these unprecedented times, many people will be struggling for things to do – perhaps having had holidays cancelled, but reading can be a real form of escapism and really allow children to use their imagination and become engrossed within a story.

“Using the Five Finger Rule is a really good way to select the book, I’d also suggest that if you have a child who struggles to read alone, that you do a read along and go at a pace you all feel comfortable with”

Good luck everyone, please upload photos/ videos to our social media platforms, or email them to  

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