Post 16 Students Gain Additional Qualifications | Post 16 Education Pathway

Our new cohort of Post 16 Students are making “excellent progress” according to Education Officer Elizabeth Regan, with all sixteen new learners well on their way to completing additional qualifications to aid their development.

The news comes at the end of the students’ second full week of learning, with learners Nathan Dillion, Sophie Lunn, Jessica Bingham and Bradley Giles [Pictured] all completing the first of the cohort to complete additional qualifications which they’ll use as part of their professional development.

Education Officer Elizabeth Regan said “Alongside their BTEC Level Three qualification our learners have all signed up to the Open University free courses service called Open Learn.

“On this platform the learners get to choose from hundreds of free courses in an area of the sporting world that interests them.

“This gives the learners a wider understanding of the world of sport that they are studying and gives them a greater depth of knowledge to help further their educational and sporting pathway

“This is something all of our learners have been doing over the past two weeks, I’m delighted with their attitude and eagerness to learn – they’re a fantastic bunch”

Nathan, Bradley, Sophie and Jess were the first to complete the ‘Three Principles of a Coaching Approach’ qualification, whilst Jessica and Sophie also completed ‘Exercise and Mental Health’

“Our emphasis has always been on given students ample opportunity to develop and better themselves which is what the extra qualifications through Open Learn enables them to do, the skills and knowledge they pick up will transfer both practically and academically within the BTEC Level Three Diploma/ Extended Diploma in Sports Coaching & Development “Many congratulations to Nathan, Sophie, Jessica and Bradley on completing their extra qualifications this week, the others aren’t too far behind and so I extend my praise to them and look forward to seeing many more achievements as term continues”