Player visits to St. Patricks and Park Gate Academy

As part of our Premier League Primary Stars delivery, we have had a number of Stags player visits at our school venues. This is a great opportunity for the players to get involved at grassroots level, to encourage and inspire young adults to take similar paths in football. Doing so gives an opportunity for participants to ask what it is like to be a footballer and to give out any tips the may want to share with the group.

Jimmy Knowles and James Gale visited Park Gate Academy, delivering a Q & A session to the young participants. There was also a chance to take pictures with the players before the session as well.

James Gale also visited another school with Stags star Kellan Gordon. The pair surprised pupils at St. Patricks during a PLPS delivery. The coaches gave the participants the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted, encouraging interactivity between players and pupils.

Kellan Gordon and James Gale visit St. Patricks to surprise school participants