Mansfield Town Football in the Community are delighted to launch a unique new initiative to help improve the areas carbon footprint, and inspire children to cycle.

Following the purchase of six brand new push-bikes, Football in the Community’s coaching team are now committed to travelling to the areas Primary Schools by bicycle rather than by driving or using public transport.

Football in the Community visits 78% of the areas Primary Schools over the course of the Academic Year, of that figure only 10% will be travelled to by car or public transport in a bid to help cut down on pollution.

Working daily in Schools around Mansfield and Ashfield, Football in the Community also hope to inspire young children to cycle to school and socially, and along with regular bike riding trips in the School Holidays – will now look to add in other activities to help promote cycling safety.

The idea was the brainchild of Head of CCO (Club Community Organisation) Mark Hemingray who said “As we travel to Schools on a daily basis, we were becoming really conscious of the impact that was having on the environment and began to look for a way to set an example, whilst simultaneously thinking of something to create a fit and active life-style

“We’re launching this during National Bike to School Week as the week is exactly what one half of our idea is all about – promoting the benefits of cycling to school and cycling in general to young people, the only difference is we won’t stop when Friday comes – we’ll be peddling our way to schools throughout the academic year.”

Football in the Community secured the funding with help from local partner Everyone Active, whilst the Mansfield branch of Halfords are also providing support – not just in providing the bikes, but also in maintaining them throughout the year.

Gary Shaw, Community Manager, added “Our local partnerships have been critical in getting the idea out of the workshop and onto the road – we thank them for their support throughout the process.

“Throughout the School Holiday’s we always take children into Derbyshire and the countryside for bike riding trips which are always popular, but for a majority of children it’s only trips like these where they get to ride a bike – so we’re hoping that by seeing coaches riding on a daily basis, they become inspired to start cycling to school and socially”