NCS Students go rock climbing at Windgather Rocks

This week our Futsal Students are taking part in the EFL Trusts’ NCS Scheme for Autumn 2018, with a residential stay at Crowden Outdoor Education Centre.

Our students have been enrolled onto the program, which offers 15-17 year olds a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only better themselves, but to make a real difference in their local community.

This week has seen our students start the first part of the program, where participants stay away from home and enjoy instructor-led activities such as rock climbing and archery. Split into teams, they will then learn life skills including budgeting, first aid and cooking.

Yesterday (Tuesday 6th November) our students took part in Rock Climbing at the very aptly named Windgather Rocks, our cameras followed their program and caught up with NCS Project Coordinator Liz Regan, Futsal Development Officer Mark Lynk, and Jamie Whysall, NCS Program Manager from the EFL Trust

Elizabeth Regan, FITC’s NCS Project Coordinator and Futsal Education Officer said “There are a lot of students who are very nervous and haven’t done this kind of thing before, so that in itself is a challenge

“In terms of today [rock climbing] one of them said to me ‘Liz I’m doing it but I’m really scared of heights’ and he’s just got pretty much to the top so I’m really proud of him.

“A lot of the students probably have never been to the countryside, they’ve certainly not done anything like this – the team spirit this creates is fantastic, you tend to see a lot of the kids when they are away from the classroom and away from home really start to grow up, especially in tasks such as this where they must take more responsibility”

Once our students have returned, across the rest of the year students will be tasked with planning and creating a community action project. Finally, the young people spend 30 hours making their project happen, be it a fundraising event, time spent rejuvenating a local park or even a family fun day. To acknowledge their achievements, the young people are then invited to a graduation event upon completion of the project.

Jamie Wysall, EFL Trusts’ NCS National Program Manager, added “We are delighted to get Mansfield Town Football in the Community involved with this autumn pilot of the NCS program.

“I think there are some people who are apprehensive about stepping out of their comfort zone [on activities such as rock climbing] but it’s great to see them having a go, it’s the reason they’re here to push their own personal boundaries.”

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