Key Stage Two Kids Quiz | PL Primary Stars

Mansfield Town Football in the Community recently launched a Stay Home Kids Club, which will be a weekly quiz/ activity delivered through Social Media, predominantly Facebook Live. The first event was a Key Stage Two quiz, hosted by Media and Communications Officer Craig Priest and PL Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer.

Consisting of three rounds, you can play along by watching the video below (Answers around 27 Minutes)  

ROUND ONE: General Knowledge

  1. How many wives did Henry VIII (the 8th!) have?
    (A) 4 (B) 6 (C) 8     

  2. A school nativity is traditionally put on at what time of year?
    (A) Christmas (B) Easter (C) Summer

  3. How many zeroes are there in one million?
    (A) 10 (B) 8 (C) 6

  4. A red dragon, appears on the flag of which country?
    (A) England (B) Scotland (C) Wales

  5. Energy is measured in what?
    (A) Grams (B) Joules (C) Degrees Celsius 

ROUND TWO: Logos & Geography

Using the grid below, work out the Football Logos from Premier League Clubs. BONUS ROUND Put the clubs in order of distance from the One Call Stadium (by miles) starting with the nearest


  1. What causes a lunar eclipse?
    (A) The sun blocks our view of the moon
    (B) The earth blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon
    (C) The moon blocks out view of the sun

  2. Which of the following lasts approximately 28 days?
    (A) The moons orbit of the earth
    (B) The earth’s orbit of the sun
    (C) The sun’s orbit of the galaxy

  3. Which of these could be used to complete an electrical circuit?
    (A) A rubber (B) A crayon (C) A pair of scissors 

  4. Why are electrical plugs made of plastic?
    (A) plastic protects people from electricity
    (B) No other material can be made into the right shape for a plug
    (C) plastic is stronger than other materials

  5. The ear has two main functions – one is to hear but what is the other?
    (A) To sense changes in the weather
    (B) To sense changes in temperature
    (C) To sense changes in position