Gulliver’s Kingdom 2016

Gulliver’s Kingdom

As part of our October Half Term activities we took a group of 18 children to enjoy the Halloween fun. The children got to experience the thrills of rides such as the log flume , roller coasters , water flumes etc.

We regularly attend Gulliver’s Kingdom as part of our trip schedule however this was the first time we visited during the Trick or Treat period.

Rides and staff was dressed in traditional Halloween costumes which added to the experience.

All our staff and children enjoyed their day out at Gulliver’s. Lots of positive feedback from the activity. The majority of the group we took was first time attendees. Here are a few quotes from the day off selected children who attended Gulliver’s Kingdom for the first time.


Louis Kay Age 8 – ” I liked all the rides especially the water flume ”

Elsie Tucker Age 8 – ” I loved the switchback roller coaster , it was the fastest ride and the one that gave you the scariest feeling ”

Luke Plackett Age 10 – ” Really Really Fun ”

Finlay Corrigan Age 7 – ” I like the blue water flume ”

More quotes from children and staff


Sam Lewing Age 9 – “I have been to Gully’s before , I really enjoyed it today especially the blue roller coaster.”

Coach Fez Age 25 – “I am a regular visitor to Gully’s. Its a great excursion as kids and staff always have fun.”

Coach Sean Age 24 – “Today was my first ever visit to Gulliver’s. Apart from the embarrassment of being scared of rides more than the kids it was a great day , very enjoyable and I would recommend the trip to anyone.

Can’t wait to come again”

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