Female Coach helping to Inspire girls within Sport | International Women’s Day 2020

Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s Female Inclusion Officer and PL Kicks Coordinator Amy Page is helping to Inspire the next generation of Female Coaches and players, making a positive impact on local young females since being appointed into the joint role last year.

A former attendee of our Holiday and Match day clubs as a youngster, Amy was often the only girl in attendance, and has since set out on a journey to inspire and encourage girls to fall in love with the beautiful game.

Now heading up Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s PL Kicks delivery and other girls’ projects, Amy has made a positive impact with the number of girls attending weekly within PL Kicks rising to forty-plus, and the number of younger girls attending other Girls Only sessions also on the rise with the addition of the popular ‘Girls United’ sessions to the Half-Term programme.

As well as inspiring and encouraging more girls to play football and feel included within the game, Amy has provided inspiration for two girls to take up leadership roles within sessions – with fifteen-year-old Milena demonstrating excellent leadership skills at our recent ‘Girls United’ day, and thirteen-year-old Ellie taking up a volunteer role with Football in the Community, after progressing through the PL Kicks project.   

Speaking about the change she’s noticed in herself, thirteen-year-old Ellie said “Before I started coming I was really shy, but now but now I feel a lot more confident in myself and I feel like I can make new friends.

“I really want to become a coach when I’m older because I like helping others and making them feel like a part of something, like PL Kicks and working with Amy has done for me”

Ellie started volunteering with Football in the Community in January 2020 and regularly attends our Monday evening session at River Maun Recreation Centre and Tuesday evening session at Westfield Folkhouse, helping PL Kicks Coordinator Amy Page run the games.

“I started volunteering because my sister got a part time job and was really enjoying it, I didn’t feel as confident in working with people I didn’t know, so volunteering with Amy and Football in the Community was something I felt I could do.

“Amy has really helped me develop my confidence, especially when the sessions are made up more of boys, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but she’s shown me that I can and I’m really glad I did – because I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone but in an enjoyable way – I’m going to keep doing it and think that others to do the same”

PL Kicks Coordinator and Female Inclusion Officer Amy added “I’m proud of all of the girls and the way they’ve taken to the sessions – when I was younger I was often the only girl and whilst I wasn’t as bothered, other girls can be and that puts them off – especially at an early [primary] age, which is why I work hard to ensure that the sessions we run are inclusive and girls see the fun of playing and engaging.

“Having a female coach makes the sessions relatable and I think that’s why girls like Milena and Ellie have been on the journey they have and why our PL Kicks sessions and other activities are seeing an increase of girls – I’ll keep working hard to ensure more and more girls not only come through the doors once, but keep coming back.”  

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