EFL Week of Action: Community Champion Morrisons Mansfield

As part of our EFL Week of Action, we had a special visit from Community Champion Morrisons Mansfield, Donna and Sara. Bringing a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, the participants had the opportunity to try and experience some new foods, as well as some familiar ones. It’s fair to say watermelon was a huge hit amongst the kids, rhubarb and radish’s, not so much! After quizzing the participants on which fruit and vegetables they did or didn’t know, the participants then raced around the tables, sampling as many foods as possible.

The message behind the visit from Community Champion was to encourage healthy eating in young adults, introducing them to foods they may have not tried in the past. We always encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle amongst our participants during the holidays, and the reaction from the participants was pleasantly surprising.

We would like to thank Donna and Sara for coming in for the day and we look forward to their visit again!