Community Staff walk Ben Nevis

Mansfield Town football in the Community have received their share of £3,300 – raised by community staff and volunteers who took on the challenge of climbing Ben Nevis, to raise funds for three causes.

Mansfield Town football in the Community were one of the recipients on the total amount, whilst Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and Prostate Cancer UK also received £1,100 each following the fundraising efforts in May this year.

Community staff members Gary Shaw, Mark Lynk, and Macauley Short embarked up the highest mountain in the British Isles, trekking up 1,345 metres above sea level to raise funds for the three causes along with the other volunteer walkers.

Mark Lynk, Futsal Education Officer said “It was tough, I wanted to get up their personally as it might be something that I never get to do again so I really wanted to give it my all. I started off OK but when I got to midway I really started to feel the burn!

“The support from everyone who donated is definitely appreciated, it means doing the walk with a spring in our steps knowing people are going to get their money out and give the charities something they can benefit from”

Community Manager Gary Shaw added “I started off with really good intentions trying to keep up with the younger members of our team but I still managed to make it to the top – it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever achieved.

“All three causes are worthy causes to support and over the past few years we’ve achieved some no mean feats with our other challenges.”