Another Great Trip Day – Flag Finding in Derbyshire

Today’s trip was a ride out into the countryside for a day of Flag Finding in the Peak District. We rode to the Longshaw Visitor’s Centre which is surrounded by “ancient woods and dramatic views on the eastern edge of the Peak District.”

We split into two teams and set off on a looped trail where we intended to meet in the middle at a small stream and bridge. The aim of the day was for each team to hide 20 flags along their half of the loop and then after meeting for a break and a snack, to set off along the other half of the loop to find the flags that the other team had hidden.

At the end, one team ended by finding 5 flags that the other team had planted and the other team managed to find all 20 flags! We believe this definitely had something to do with one of the teams being a little more generous with their flag hiding.

The walk took about 3 hours including breaks and all of the children managed to walk the 6 miles with no troubles! Along the way, many a rock was climbed and lots of fun was had.

Not only did the kids have a great day, but this trip is one of the many that the staff thoroughly enjoy as well. Thank you to Mark Lynk, Gary Shaw, Elizabeth Reagan and Jordan Ferrer for taking the children on this amazing trip!

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