Active Minds Chat group enjoy outdoor sport session

Our ‘Active Minds: Chat’ group enjoyed a morning in the sunshine last Friday, as they participated in a tailored sports session, designed to focus on team work, communication, coordination and movement.

The ‘Active Minds: Chat’ project is a weekly two-hour session predominantly for people living with dementia, or those struggling with issues such as loneliness and social isolation.

Activities usually take place indoors with sessions ranging from singing therapies and chair-fitness, to board game and quizzes. Football in the Community designs the activity to be as inclusive as possible and aim to make every participant leave with a smile, using the medium of football and sport, to spark conversation and friendship.


Last Friday participants were taken outside into the sunshine to enjoy an outdoor exercise and games sessions, with the objective being to improve communication skills and engage participants in ways to improve coordination, movement and engage the brain with more technical tasks.

Head of Community Mark Hemingray said “It’s important to have a variety within our sessions and look at different ways to engage participants, particularly those living with dementia as certain activities have a proven impact on re-stimulating areas of the brain which struggle with other day to day tasks.

“When people see the headline ‘sporting activities’ they often think about running around at a high pace, but here at Football in the Community our coaches are skilled in designing and adapting activities for a slower pace which really helps us reach our goals and have a positive impact on participants.”


‘Active Minds: Chat’ takes place every Friday at the One Call Stadium and is FREE to attend, the ‘Chat; group is more suited to those living with dementia or suffering from social isolation and loneliness and predominantly takes places indoors. Meanwhile our ‘Active Minds: Sport’ group takes place outside and is pure sporting activities and is open for anyone with mental health issues such as PTSD, low-self-esteem/ self-confidence, depression and social anxiety.

Anyone wanting further information can contact Football in the Community in confidence on 01623 656 920 or email with the subject header ‘Active Minds’

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