Youngsters enjoyed Sports Day as ‘Soccer Summer’ gets competitive

The summer holidays are in full swing and youngsters attending Football in the Community’s ‘Soccer Summer’ activity have ramped up their competitive side, by participating in a Sports Day event.

The youngsters were split into three separate teams, competing throughout the day in different challenges such as relay races, football rounder’s and a range of football games.

Premier League Primary Stars lead coach Mark Lynk said “Throughout the summer holidays we make it our priority to stage a range of activities which look at developing a range of life skills, as well as more technical sporting skills.

“We tend to see that as the holiday progresses; the kids who attend regularly form their own mini groups so we really wanted to get everybody mixing with a range of ages, in order to help them develop their confidence and communication skills through fun and competitive challenges.

“The sports day encourages team work and participation in a number of events and the youngsters really responded well to each one, as the day progressed every team took ‘Gold’ in an event and the final results were extremely tight!”

Youngsters were not only awarded points for finishing first, second and third, respectively but also for their attitude shown towards encouraging others and completing other tasks throughout the day, and were rewarded with a number of prizes – plus a visit from Stags star Neal Bishop.

‘Soccer Summer’ runs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at the One Call Stadium throughout August, from 8.30am to 4pm, costing £16 per child per day – ages 5 to 15. For further information, call 01623 656 920 or email

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