This week’s trip day involved a drive down the road to Robin Hood’s Wheelgate Theme Park. And what a day it’s been! We just wish we had more time in a day to visit every one of the attractions.

We skipped from zone to zone making use of all of the activities in each from the play parks, the ball pits, the vertical slides, the rides, the water park and we even had time to pet a few goats!

Without a doubt one of the highlights of the day was watching Team Extreme perform their BMX, Scooter, Skateboard and Rollerblade show. It had out hearts racing as they performed their tricks and it the first time a lot of the children (and even some of the staff) had ever been to a show like this one!


We all had a wonderful day and we can’t wait for another trip day to Wheelgate! 🙂

164 thoughts on “Trip to Wheelgate”

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