Teachers praise impact of Premier League Primary Stars program

Teachers from Intake Farm Primary school in Mansfield have praised the impact of the Premier League Primary Stars program, saying they now feel more confident in their ability to deliver PE lessons.

Football in the Community coaches have been delivering PE lessons at the Mansfield based school over the last eight weeks and as part of the program, have worked with teachers to enable them to improve their delivery of PE lessons now that the scheme has concluded.

Miss Brough, year six teacher, said “It’s certainly helped us to establish different ways of introducing new skills to the kids, to look at different warm up activities and games to best develop the youngsters skills.

“I certainly feel a lot more confident in being able to deliver PE sessions than I was before, certainly in terms of making sure I can push to more able students that are natural sporting stars to reach their full potential.”

Year five teacher Kelly Simpson said “My knowledge of football is quite limited in terms of terminology, warm-ups, lesson starters, matches, how to set things up etc – I’ve been able to really get some good ideas which I’ll definitely be taking into my future lessons.

“We can take many of the things out of the warm ups you’ve given us to implement, we can make sure that they progress from what the coaches have taught them – I’m much more confident in my own ability thanks to the Premier League Primary Stars program.”

Gary Shaw, Community Manager said “It’s really important to us that the teachers take something away from our sessions, our aim is to help develop the teachers subject knowledge, as well as their confidence in delivering sessions going forward.

“This can range from us planning future sessions together and talking though how to best reach the aims and objectives of a session to identifying what particular area the teacher feel they struggle with and develop that.”

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