Primary Stars helping Children re-settle in School at Parkgate Academy | PL Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars is having a massive impact on improving children’s mental health and confidence following months of uncertainty during lockdown, according to teachers at the Parkgate Academy in Ollerton.

Football in the Community have been working with Ollerton based Primary School since schools re-opened in September, working with pupils from Year Five on their PE, along with supporting teachers with English interventions.

Chloe Brock-Taylor, Year Five teacher, said “Staying at home had nothing but a negative effect for their Mental Health really, a lot of children – particularly those without siblings, haven’t had that interaction of playing with children within their own age group, PE is something that is massive to help improve their mental health.

“In the first week [of term] you could tell they hadn’t been here for so long, there confidence was quite low, very quiet, but now it’s quite nice to see children who even last year were quite quiet are starting to come out of their shell a lot more and being ‘typical children’ – Premier League Primary Stars has a lot to do with that”

“Primary Stars brings people together, it teaches them how to work in teams, how to work together and how to be positive with each other. It’s massively helped when we’ve done group work in Maths, English – they’ve learned how to work together and get on which is nice to see as a result” 

Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer added “Within our PE delivery especially this year, we’re putting a huge emphasis on confidence and communications building activities. “Months of learning from home and not interacting with other children will have had a lasting impact on many, so it’s important for their development in and out of the classroom that our activities encourage them to talk and feel confident in asking questions – I’m delighted to see that already having an effect”

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