PL Primary Stars – St Andrews Primary School


Today we were at St Andrews C of E Primary School taking part in some more football games and activities with 2 of the Foundation classes.
These activities were led by 2 of our Support Coaches – Macauley and Alex, who were being observed by their FA Assessor to check their progress in reaching their Level 3 Supporting Delivery of P.E. in School Sport.

Although the PL Primary Stars is for the most part aimed at helping children to progress in and understand football, it also aims to help the teachers to learn about and understand football activities.

One of the teachers at St Andrews told us she has “gained new skills from doing PL Primary Stars such as different ways of grouping the children, and of doing the warm ups and cool downs.” She was also very positive when talking about the children’s opinions saying “they absolutely love it, they enjoy learning new skills as well as the excitement of new people from outside the school coming to see them.”

We’re looking forward to seeing St Andrews again next week!