PL Primary Stars – Northfield

Premier League Primary Stars – Northfield

Year 1 pupils from Northfield School completed their weekly delivery as part of our Premier League Primary Stars programme.

The programme consists of the class receiving football themed lessons that the teacher can use to enhance their own CPD of PE and School Sport.

Our staff support and advise the identified teacher by showing them new ideas and games which they could use for their lessons. Pictured are the pupils receiving their certificates for their efforts.

Mrs V Wood, teacher said “I have seen a change in some of our inactive children as they got more involved and engaged throughout the programme. ”

” Jordan spoke to our class in a very appropriate manner, using words that our children understand.”

Mrs G Moriarty, teachers added ” The staff at Mansfield Town Football in the Community are very patient. They are also very organised and have great ideas of how to develop football skills.”

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