NCS Students enjoy team building day at the RH Academy

Students from Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s NCS program, ran in association with the EFL trust, have recently enjoyed a day of team building exercises at the new RH Academy.

The team building day kick started phase two of the program, following the students recent residential trip, with team building sessions led by Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Jenny Wallwork.

Speaking about the activity, the Bolton born Badminton English National Championships winner said “The sessions are designed to concentrate a lot on stepping out of your comfort zone, building that self-confidence and working really on being a team, trying to support each other and recognising that we all have strengths and weakness and how to overcome them.

“I really enjoyed working with this group, everyone got involved and there was a real noticeable amount of effort put in from people that maybe aren’t so confident which was great to see.”

The students will complete the second phase of the program this week before moving onto stage three, where they go out into the community to deliver a project which they think will make a difference to the area.

Mark Lynk, Futsal Development Officer, said “you can see a lot of students at the beginning [of the program] sort of shy away from getting involved, sitting in the corner not really forthcoming, but you could really see this activity day change that, Jenny [Wallwork, Dame Kelly Holmes trust] has been fantastic, she’s really got them engaged.”