NCS Raise awareness of Mental Health

A group of teenagers who took part in our NCS Pilot Program earlier this year, have raised over £200 for Mental Health Charity Central Notts Mind, we are delighted to announce.

Spread across four phases, the national project gives young people a chance to explore, be inspired and find their passion.

The students’ fundraising efforts came as a result of phase two – discovery, and phase three – social action, respectively – where charity representatives spoke to students before NCS participants devised a community project based on an issue that they feel passionate about.

Students Gabrielle Richardson (17), Kayley Hough (17), Karley Hough (17), Elizabeth Martindale (16) and Thomas Usher (18) worked on the project, which saw them host a general knowledge quiz night at the One Call Stadium, following the Stags’ home game with Notts County in December (2018).

Elizabeth Regan, NCS Coordinator for Mansfield Town Football in the Community, said “Mental Health carries a massive stigma and for the students to recognise that is huge – particularly nowadays with all the pressures that they have young people now are starting to talk about Mental Health and they [the students] just wanted to raise the awareness even more.

“I’m really proud of them, they worked really hard on putting it all together – it was a very successful evening and [as a whole] it’s been a successful project for them, they’ve got a lot from it – I can see how they’ve developed as young people throughout the whole four week program, they should be very proud of themselves.”

Dale Jubbie, fundraising and promotions officer for Central Notts Mind, said “The students did a really good job to organise the quiz night, everything from selling tickets to formatting the quiz – for five youngsters doing what they did, they should be extremely proud of themselves.

“They really took the work we do to heart, they’ve really understood what a mental health issue could be and helped to raise awareness of that – we’re very grateful for their fundraising efforts and proud of their endeavours in not only raising funds, but raising awareness towards a younger audience”

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