Memories Matter for ‘Active Minds’ Chat group | EFL Day of Action

Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s ‘Active Minds: Chat’ group supports those living with Dementia or facing Social Isolation, with weekly FREE sessions held at the One Call Stadium – giving participants a place to call home and feel part of a family.

Recently participants were treated to a ‘Mansfield Memories Matter’ session, with a local historian recalling stories through photos and videos of the towns proud past, from sporting success to the trades residents used to ply including working down several local pits and in the towns’ factories.

The session was compiled and delivered by Local Historian Dave Amos who said “When you see the smiles on the faces and the light come back into the participants’ eyes when they see the photos and videos of yesterday, you’ve done the job – it’s all about memory recall which speaking about and showcasing the past is vital for.

“The important thing is that it goes beyond today’s session, the guys will be able to take these stories and memories home and have something to talk about with their families and other groups.

“You could see a lot of them today bounce off of each other, share stories and laugh – that’s what I like to see”

Carol Wright, wife of Participant Peter who is living with Dementia, said “It’s unbelievable to see the difference in him when he saw all of the photos and videos, it’s lovely to think back and have these memories – watching Pete’s reaction and connection with them, really surprised me.

“It helps to make things real, because normally he’s so introverted but here with things like this, he’s totally different and it’s fantastic to see – it’s like he’s found himself”

John Reddish, Co-Production worker at Nottinghamshire County Council, who help run ‘Active Minds’ with Football in the Community, added “The presenter was fantastic in the way he told his stories, at a pace which really allowed everyone to follow and more importantly, connect with.

“You could really see the guys become enthralled with the memories, they started sharing jokes about where they worked, what they did socially etc – it’s really great to hear those personal stories and see them open up and laugh. That really makes the job worthwhile”

‘Active Minds’ is a FREE session which supports those living with Dementia, Mental Illness or facing Social Isolation, and takes place 10am to 12noon every Friday at the One Call Stadium, for more information – email or call 06123 656 920.