Football in the Community Event at Mansfield Library

After a morning of video games and football, this afternoon we went on a walk to the Mansfield Library where we were holding an event for not only the children from our holiday club, but also anyone who wanted to join us.

The afternoon consisted of small games of football in our blow up football pitch, a go on our penalty shoot out simulator that told you the power of your kick plus lots of creative activities like “design a football kit” and football word games.

We also had lots of information leaflets about our events and opportunities to give out to all of those who may not know about all the great opportunities we offer! Jordan Ferrer was happy to give any information needed about the Premier League Girls Football opportunities that we offer here at Mansfield Town FitC.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Library and we hope everyone enjoyed their day and left the library a lot more knowledgeable about us. We hope to see some new faces in the community room soon!