Executive Mayor Visits Football in the Community

Mansfield’s new Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams today [20th August] paid a visit to Mansfield Town Football in the Community, as part of his plans to become more acquainted with community sporting activities across the district.

Mr Abrahams met with Head of Community Mark Hemingray, Community Manager Gary Shaw, and Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator Jordan Ferrer, discovering more about the range of work Football in the Community does across the area, throughout the calendar year.

During his visit, the town’s Executive Mayor also took time to visit participants attending our ‘Soccer Summer’ activity and couldn’t resist joining in with some of the games being played by the youngsters.

Head of Community Mark Hemingray said “We really enjoyed meeting with Mr Abrahams and giving him a deeper insight into our activities, the feedback we received from him was excellent and we’ve already made plans for him to attend our other activities and see first hand the impact we’ve had.

“We’re now into our 30th season as a community scheme and year upon year we continue to grow with a variety of projects, therefor it’s a real positive to have a good working relationship with those who make the decisions for the town and can help us to continue to grow.”

Jordan Ferrer, Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator, added “Mr Abrahams took a real interest in the work we do and couldn’t resist our offer of joining in with the participants on our ‘Soccer Summer’ activity, he seemed to be really enjoying himself and really got stuck in!”


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