Coach praises teenager’s leadership skills following successful Girls Day

Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s Female Inclusion Officer Amy Page has heaped praise onto a teenage participant, after she demonstrated ‘outstanding’ leadership skills towards a fellow attendee, ten years her junior, during Football in the Community’s recent Girls United day.

15-Year-Old Milena Radzyminska, who is a regular attendee at our PL Kicks Sessions, attended the girl’s day alongside twenty-five other girls with ages ranging from five to fifteen.

As the oldest girl in attendance, Milena went above and beyond expectation in helping five-year-old Ruby to settle in and get involved with the activities throughout the day. Female Inclusion Officer & PL Kicks Coordinator Amy Page said “I’ve been blown away by Milena’s attitude and the way she has taken Ruby under her wing, that’s exactly the sort of attitude and behaviour traits we’ve been encouraging through our PL Kicks programme and I’m very proud that’s transferred over to the Girls Day without any prompting or encouraging from myself or other staff members.”

Throughout the afternoon the girls took part in tournaments and a range of skill based communication and coordination games with girls from both age categories mixed together to encourage new friendships to form.

“During the activities Milena could see that being the youngest, Ruby was struggling to feel involved, but through some encouraging words and allowing Ruby to shadow her, Milena got her out of her shell and plastered the biggest, cheesiest smile across her face and made it a day to remember.

“Girls football is certainly on the rise and here at Football in the Community we’re putting some real effort into developing a programme for girls like Ruby to come along and enjoy, making new friends, developing confidence and getting into football.

“I remember when I was growing up I was probably the only girl attending activities and whilst that’s improved, I really understand why girls struggle to get and feel involved when they’re around 25+ boys – that’s why it’s important to hold the girls only sessions on a regular basis and make them as fun and engaging as possible.

“The contrast between Milena and Ruby for example highlights why we do these projects, Milena has really grown through attending PL Kicks sessions and feels comfortable enough to take an active leadership role – whereas Ruby has someone to look up to, aspire to be like and continuing that cycle, can only be a good thing”

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