Mansfield Town Football in the Community take great pride in supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing, Dementia Care and social well-being – with our weekly FREE activity, Active Minds.

Split into two strands, Active Minds focuses on providing a safe and secure environment for those living with Mental Health issues, Dementia or facing Social Isolation to come together and unite through the power of sport – improving their health and social well-being.

Take a look at our ‘Active Minds: Chat’ session

The sessions take place at the One Call Stadium, every Friday 10am to 12noon and are FREE of charge. Active Minds ‘Sport’ is for those 18+ and is a more physical outdoor session consisting of training based games, whilst Active Minds ‘Chat’ is for anyone facing social isolation or living with dementia, and consists of a range of soft indoor sport games designed to improve communication and coordination.

Latest Active Minds News

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