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50/50 Penalty Shootout School Fundraiser

Fun, Football and Fundraising

When your school participates in our exciting fundraising event everybody will benefit.

The Sponsored Penalty Shootout event will raise funds for your school and our Football in the Community Scheme.

Our fun penalty shootout is open to everybody, with the emphasis being on fun, and the kids receive great prizes.

 What’s in it for the children & the school?

  • Leading up to the Penalty Shootout, every child will hopefully take part in our free coaching sessions, which involve a mixture of basic skills and fun games.
  • Everybody who gains sponsors will receive a Certificate.
  • The child that scores the most goals in each class will receive a Medal, if on the day 2 or more score the same amount of penalties, then we have a sudden death shoot out. Everybody who raises more than £25 will receive a Mansfield Town Football.
  • Everybody who raises more than £40 will receive a set of Tickets (one adult and one child) to watch Mansfield Town in action at one of their home games at One Call Stadium, plus a football.
  • The child that raises the most money overall from the school will receive a Mansfield Town Football Shirt, plus a ball and a set of tickets.

The schools optional challenge is to try and beat the record fundraising total of £4,444.12 held by Abbey Primary School, previously held by Peafield Lane Academy. The winning fundraising school receives a framed autographed Mansfield Town Shirt from us at Mansfield Town Football in the Community and also a free mascot package worth £115.00, for the school to choose any pupil to enjoy the match day experience for any reason.  The cost of the framed shirt does not come out of the money raised for your school, it comes out of Mansfield Town Football in the Community’s own money.  Even if the challenge is not met we still appreciate every penny of your fundraising efforts.

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